How much life insurance do i need?

Life insurance is a selfless type of insurance as you as the policy holder actually get no benefit at all - it's all for peace of mind!

Life Insurance Calculator

If you are unsure about the amount of cover or the length of time to take it over then you can use our Life insurance Calculator which will help you to work out the amount of cover that you need.

Why is the right amount of cover important?

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This is the reason it is so important that it is affordable; otherwise I'm sure you would agree; it completely defeats the object of taking out a policy if you can't afford it!

Therefore it is very important that you choose the right amount of cover and make sure that you can afford it.

Do I need to renew my cover?

A life insurance policy is not the kind of insurance that you should change every year, once you have bought it you keep it. This is because it is cheaper the younger you are and will get more expensive every year. At the time of writing this, life insurance is also the cheapest it has been for the last 10 years!

How much cover should I consider?

When deciding how much cover you need, think about the things that you pay out for every month and whether or not your family would be able to afford to pay them without your income.

If you have a mortgage then it is sensible to take out cover to ensure in the event of your death your family could pay off your mortgage. You may though wish to take some additional cover out so that they have some financial security.

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